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Species Rhododendrons Now Available

If you were excited to see Rhododendrons get a mention on the recent the BBC Two series The Great British Garden Revival, you will be delighted to hear that Pine Cottage is now offering seed raised species Rhododendrons for sale.

Picture above accredited to

Richard Fulcher has always had a passion for Rhododendrons and has some for sale in at Pine Cottage Plants in Devon .

Rhododendrons are available in pot sizes ranging from 1.5L to 3L.

Rhododendron albrechti
Rhododendron arizelum
Rhododendron burmanicum
Rhododendron calophytum
Rhododendron ciliatum Edinburgh best form
Rhododendron concatenans
Rhododendron crinigerum
Rhododendron decorum
Rhododendron elegantulum 
Rhododendron excellens
Rhododendron faconeri 
Rhododendron glaucophyllum 
Rhododendron glischeum 
Rhododendron glischeum  ssp rude 
Rhododendron hookeri 
Rhododendron keiskei var cordifolia 
Rhododendron kendrickii 
Rhododendron keysii 
Rhododendron kyawii 
Rhododendron maddenii subsp crassum 
Rhododendron niveum
Rhododendron pseudociliipes
Rhododendron rirei
Rhododendron schilippenbachii 
Rhododendron idereum 
Rhododendron sinogrande 
Rhododendron stewartianum
Rhododendron tephropeplum 
Rhododendron trichocladum 

Snapshot of the Rhododendron species growing at Pine Cottage Plants. We are not only all about Agapanthus. If you are interested in these and any other rare or unusual plants please enquire with us or e-mail for an availability list.