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Collecting Seed

It’s easy to collect seed from Agapanthus plants.

image image

As the seed pods dry they will start to release their seeds. Collect and store the papery black seeds in a paper bag in a cold place until you want to sow.
The best time for sowing is late autumn or spring. Agapanthus seeds germinate quickly in general seed compost with a light covering of sand or grit and water in well. In a cool greenhouse.
We are about to collect the seeds from Artic star here and will continue to show the process of dealing with the seelings through to the flowering plant.

It is important to note that the plants that grow from the seeds will not be identical to the parent. They will have genetical variations and you may get surprising results but you’ll have to wait around 3 years before you see a flower.




Pot Sizes Explained

Pine Cottage Plants is in the process of making online payment a reality for many of the Agapanthus cultivars but It is apparent that most normal folk who know little about plants (including the webmaster at Pine Cottage) will know even less about the complexities of pot sizes and it’s understandable that you will want to know exactly what you are ordering so Mr Fulcher has kindly taken this picture to show you all just to clarify.
These are examples of the kind of plants that are sent out via mail order.

Most of the buy online varieties are 2L or 2.5L of which you can see are very mature plants ready to flower the very next Summer.

They are kept in their pots and wrapped up with loving care and should arrive with you in good condition.

They may be on the dry side which aids with transport weights and also messiness, but Agapanthus are very good at conserving moisture in their amazing fleshy roots and their waxy leaves which helps to reduce the rate of water loss. so they will be perfectly fine in transit.

When you get them home you may need to give them a good soak and then either plant them in the ground or pot them into a nice suitable pot containing soil based compost including a slow release fertiliser.

Agapanthus ‘Arctic Star’ is one of our most popular white Agapathus cultivars. A very reliable hardy Agapanthus, it is also one of the earliest varieties to come into flower. Buy online today – Add to Cart (Low stock)

Snapshot of the Rhododendron species growing at Pine Cottage Plants. We are not only all about Agapanthus. If you are interested in these and any other rare or unusual plants please enquire with us or e-mail for an availability list.


Pine Cottage plants are not growing Agapanthus exclusively. Dick Fulcher is a distinguished plantsman with a very wide knowledge of plants from all over the world. He grows from seed many rare and unusual plants from parts of the world where new species are being found, including the Himalayan Rhododendrons, Meconopsis, Liliums and other rare and unusual species from other parts of the globe.


Rhododendrons in shade tunnel at Pine Cottage

Hedychium greenei

Hedychium gree

Kiregeshoma palmatum

Kiregeshoma palmatum

Meconopsis 'Lingholm'

Meconopsis ‘Lingholm’

Lapageria rosea

Lapageria rosea

Gladiolus tristus

Gladiolus tristus

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View Agapanthus Photos

Agapanthus National Collection Open Weeks in August

There will be a chance to view the national collection of Agapanthus here at Pine Cottage in Devon during our open weeks from the 4th to the 16th of August 2014. The nursery will be open from 10am to 5pm daily.

There are many cultivars offered for sale at the Nursery so do come and have a look, not only Agapanthus but many other unusual plants offered as well.

The open ground beds are looking good and starting to flower well now and many of the pot plants in full flower also.

If you want to visit at any other time we are open by appointment only so please ring first to make sure we are here to avoid disappointment.

A Small Selection of Other Rare and Unusual Plants

A small selection of some of the other plants – more rare and unusual  - grown at Pine Cottage Plants in Devon.

Please click on the link below to see the photo album of the other plants for sale: