Agapanthus from Pine Cottage Plants

Pine Cottage Plants holds a National Collection of Agapanthus PC Hybrids only. We have been one of the leading Agapanthus growers for many years but are no longer retailers. 

Agapanthus ‘Eggesford Sky’ – A Pine Cottage named hybrid 

Agapanthus are beautiful architectural plants with wonderful blooms on tall stems. Shorter dwarf varieties are also available.  They make an excellent addition to a summer patio, in pots or in the ground.

Agapanthus are also great for cut flower. The flowers last a considerable time and they can look fabulous during the winter months after the flowers have fallen and the hardened stems remain, especially pleasing after a frost.

Agapanthus are Drought Resistant Plants
If you are worried about water shortages you will find the evergreen Agapanthus are wonderful plants that can survive for long periods without being watered and still give you a wonderful show of flowers.

Pine Cottage Hybrids
There are some wonderful Agapanthus cultivars for sale especially our own breeding; look out for: ‘Blue Ice’,Megan’s Mauve’, ‘Northern Star’, ‘Taw Valley’ but a particularly dark cultivar worth having is the South African  ’Black Magic’, easily the darkest blue/black inapertus cultivar.

If you simply want to look at pictures of Agapanthus you can get a good idea of the huge variety you can expect today by viewing our photos on Flickr, click link below.

Photos of Agapanthus