Monthly Archives: March 2015

This year, Pine Cottage will be considering the ultimate in Wow Factor for your garden, front of house or patio display. Agapanthus in clay pots ready to flower for that immediate no fuss high impact Summer display.

Agapanthus on Display at Hampton Court Flowers Show. By far the best way to show of these beautiful architectural plants.

Agapanthus on display at Hampton Court Flowers Show. By far the best way to show off these beautiful architectural plants.


Agapanthus Double Diamond


Agapanthus Northern Star










The majority of the pots we will be offering for sale are Wholegreen Terracotta Pots in four different sizes: 36cm x 34cm, 32cm x 28cm, 26cm x 24cm and 20cm x 19cm. They are of plain design so plants can be removed easily. They are also frost resistant, so our deciduous hardy varieties can remain in the pots all winter.

The plants will be selected ready to flower from a range of our Pine Cottage Hybrids, White and various blue shades and heights. More information and photos will follow this post.

Prices will range depending on pot size, plants selected and delivery charges but can start from as little as £40. We can get hold of bigger pots for bigger specimens on request.

All potted agapanthus will be subject to availability.